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Dr. Daskalov - Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

We collaborate with Hospital Re-Medika where we perform the surgeries under general anesthesia. We also cooperate with all other specialties in order to provide a complete treatment of the patient:

What services does our clinic offer?
Steps to a successful surgery
A consultation with our doctors

Together with our doctors you can find a joint solution that will be the most suitable for you and your expectations.

Defining the goal

hrough large photos and drawings, the patient gets an idea of ​​what the result would look like after the surgery.

Planning an operation

With the help of our doctors, you will find the most ideal solution when it comes to the desired end result.

Recovery after surgery

A few weeks later, you return to the clinic for a follow-up appointment to discuss how your recovery is going.

Patient Info
Before your scheduled appointment for surgery, you must take care of the recommendations given to you by the doctor from the previous reviews and consultations (physical activity, nutrition, rest and medications if necessary).
After interventions under general anesthesia is necessary to stay in hospital for one or two days. The operations under general anesthesia are performed in the general hospital Remedika.
During your stay in the hospital there is a staff at your disposal composed of a nurse, anesthesiologist and surgeon who guarantee 24 hour care. Patient documentation is strictly guaranteed.
May I eat or drink before the surgery?

For interventions under general anesthesia food and drinks are not allowed 4 to 6 hours before the operation. For interventions in local anaesthesia food and non alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Jewellery or Piercing?

Jewellery and piercing should be removed before the operation as well as the makeup.


Smoking is strictly forbidden during your stay at the hospital.

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Абдоминопластика е хирушка интервеција со која се отстранува вишокот на кожа и масно ткиво од долниот дел на стомакот. Се изведува со општа анестезија, дреновие се отстрануваа после 48 часа од операција, а конците се отстрануваат после 12 дена. Со интервенцијата се постигнува рамен стомак и затегнати мускули.

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